Cavern and Canopy/ It is and It isn’t


As part of Austin Peay University’s Living Gallery Program Nashville artists Matt Christy and Willard Tucker were invited to collaborate on Canopy and Cavern, a temporary cob structure. It was created in 2012 during the intense heat of the summer. Cob, a mixture of clay, sand, and staw, is spread by hand and mixed by foot; this old construction technique is practiced all over the world and retains the evidence of the bodies that built it. Responsive to the site, Christy and Tucker, allowed the project to unfold over time and their experience of Clarksville Tennessee to help shape the project. Clarksville has recently undergone a rapid and familiar urban expansion and development- leading to rapid sprawl, box stores, and destroying top soil and exposing Clarksville’s orange clay dirt. A silken parachute within the building’s interior responds to the rythmns of wind and light.  This key element continually maps and re-maps the interior space, its billowing texture continuously imagining an unfolding of space free from the rational restrictions of the Cartesian grid.

Canopy and Cavern was accompanied by an interior assembly of collages, models and fragments entitled, It Is And It Isn’t. Curated by Paul Collins.


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