Placebo Theater


Placebo Theater was a art show at Sauvage Galerie on August 20th. It included performances and a show of my works. Below is the text that went with it:

Even though art is mere shadow play, a theatrically induced placebo effect, we still take our art pills regularly. And hey, it’s done wonders for our backs and cured our pernicious certitude.

The 70 collage drawings in “Placebo Theater” are based on photocopies of a sketch I made at a low point during a break up. That faceless, cartoony surrogate peaking out from under a rock became the starting point for a meditation on individuality and narrative.

Scopophilia! Sounds like a pathology doesn’t it. But the image is not going away anytime soon. Look. Be aroused. And then let’s go into the world with our misunderstandings of it and ourselves and others and make things, pictures, hats, words, sounds. It’s the only way.

In addition to the works on paper there will be three performances. Jacob Bernardi Stovall leads a Powerpoint-assisted sermon via the inorganic vernacular of search engine query. Think Tony Robbins meets William S. Burroughs with a hint of Bill Gates. Meagen Crawford becomes her own hydra-mimetic monolith of audio & visual ekphrastic poetries. And I’m chanting.

Thanks to Matt Johnstone for helping arrange the evening.

70 collage photo copies, each 8 1/2×11
ink on photocopy 8 1/2×11 inches
ink on photocopy 8 1/2×11 inches
four ink and collage drawings, each 18x22inches
also included in the show was a series of abstract photocopy collage drawing where the polka dots start to warp and bend, each 8 1/2×11 inches
photocopy collage drawing 8 1/2×11 inches


Grid, Grid, Hiccup, 2016, fabric and embroidered ribbon


Video still of the performance including details of the polka dot shoe hat with bells, collar, and oversized shoe with bells

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