Future Flags

These paintings hang like banners and flags loose from the architecture of a frame or stretcher. Built out of variations on the “x”, a central symmetrical shape that cancels and standardizes the composition. The “x” can also be read as a stand-in, a sign that constantly deters the naming of its object, leaving the center of meaning open and unknown. They are flags for a missing people or a people that don’t yet exist, a fictional community.

A new flag calls for a new subjectivity.

A flag either rejects you or gains your allegiance. This was the goal of abstraction in painting, to reject you, then gain your identification, and ultimately, indoctrinate you into a community that praises ambiguity. That can be a breath of fresh air when the other flags are telling you where to stand, when to sit, how to smile, how to think, what to say, when to say it. A new flag. A revaluation of values.

Ideally the flags would hang in the middle of a space just below head height with room to walk around them and see both sides.

Contact me if you would like to buy a flag, $350$.


Untitled flag (front and back) 42×30”
Untitled Flag (front and back) 42×30”
Untitled Flag (front and back) 42×30”
Untitled Flag (front and back) 42×30”


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