Let’s Live in Tunnels

This was a collaborative show with my brother, Joe Christy, at 40 A U gallery in Nashville.

The show also included this video.

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This was our statement:

We admonish all those who are serious about life to live in tunnels. To stop looking at architecture as pragmatic shelter. Architecture is the psychological projection of our collectively malignant minds. The over administration of our buildings causes a structural frustration that prevents us from building. Architecture is sex in space, that’s why architects are so very sexually frustrated. We brothers, we unskilled artists, who know so little about the stipulations placed on architects, only the severity of the restrictions, give them permission to play. Through play we suspend the political and ideological restrictions that govern our minds and our bodies. We suggest you take a bottle and shove it into the dry wall of your living rooms and dining rooms and bedrooms before it’s too late. We suggest underground tunnels that connect our houses to our banks and our banks to our schools. We suggest connecting bodies with tunnels. Bodies are tunnels. Moments are bodies. Buildings are bodies. Buildings are moments. A city is a series of tunnels filled with the wind of discussion. We admit that the McDonald’s playground had something right. The seeds of the Tunnel Revolution are found even in the belly of the beast, planted unknowingly in the hearts of children. The infrastructure is all there. In the meantime we suggest carrying a hammer in your pocket.